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Here are all the games that you have submitted into any competition. You will be able to modify game details by clicking "Edit Game".

Screenshot Title Competition Downloads Description Approved?
Swarm Java4K 2005 Competition 2326 This game is called Swarm. Once you play it, you will know why! Yes View Page
Asteroids 4K Java4K 2006 Competition 4595 Like the original, fly around and blow up big rocks and alien ships. Yes View Page
Skeet Shoot Java4K 2006 Competition 3135 Use the mouse to shoot the targets. Don't miss more that 7 for each level or game over. Yes View Page
Vector Java4K 2007 Competition 2859 You must defend all your starbases against the invaders. As long as one starbase survives, you... Yes View Page
Scorcher Java4K 2007 Competition 2590 Like Scorched Earth. You are one of several tanks trying to blow each other up. How many rounds... Yes View Page
Mega Java4K 2007 Competition 2156 Similar to the game Omega Race. Just blow up everything. Yes View Page
Tank War Java4K 2007 Competition 2795 Navigate the maze with your tank. Avoid colliding with other tanks while trying to destroy them.... Yes View Page
Arcade Air Traffic Controller Java4K 2008 Competition 3543 You are an air traffic controller. Bring the planes in safely. Yes View Page
Sharp Shooter Java4K 2008 Competition 3417 How good are your sharp shooting skills? Try to hit as many targets as you can in a camaflage... Yes View Page
Crack Tower Defense Java4K 2009 Competition 4397 Tower defense. You have three types of towers: light, medium and heavy(green, yellow, red).... Yes View Page
Conquest of Planets Java4K 2009 Competition 3505 You are trying to take over all of the planets. The computer is trying to do the same. Yes View Page
Missile Command Java4K 2010 Competition 3712 Your basic Missile Command. Destroy all incoming missiles. If you lose your last city... Yes View Page