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Arcade Air Traffic Controller

By Mark Bernard, submitted on Dec 3, 2007
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2008 Competition.

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You are an air traffic controller. Bring the planes in safely.


Bring every plane to a good exit. There are 2 types of good exits. One is landing a plane in one of the airfields on the screen. The other is to send a plane to one of the six surrounding airfields of the screen. When sending a plance to an offscreen airfield, it must leave at 4000 feet.

Game over:
This occurs if two planes collide, a plane leaves the screen at a point other than one of the 6 exit points, a plane leaves at an exit and is not at 4000 feet or a plane exits the screen at an incorrect exit.


  • The top left will contain the game over message and displays how long the current game has be running.
  • The rest of the top will contain the up to 26 planes that can be on the screen at once.
  • There are 4 pieces of information for each plane.

    1. A letter to designate each plane
    2. A number from 0-2 indicating the type of plane
    3. A letter to show the destination for that plane.
    4. A number indicating the altitude from 0-5 (0 - 5000) or an asterisk(*) for waiting to take off.

  • A single line below the top information will show the orders you are giving to the plane you are controlling.
  • The rest of the screen is the playfield.

    • All the dots on the playfield are 1 mile apart (horizontally, vertically or diagonally).
    • The letters L and J on the playfield are the two local airports
    • The letters M, B, C, P, A and W are the other airports of the playfield.
    • For the curious, the airports are: Montreal, Boston, Laguardia, JFK, Chicago, Paris, Atlanta, and Washington


To start the game, press a number from 1 to 4. This will determine the difficulty. If you choose 1, planes will appear every 8 seconds, 2 every 16 seconds, 3 every 24 seconds and 4 every 32 seconds.

To control a plane, press the letter corrosponding to its designation. When you are controlling a plane, its information will highlight white, the plane will highlight read and its current heading an altitude will appear in the information line in yellow.

To tell a plane to climb or descend use the up and down arrow.

To tell a plane to turn left or right, use the left and right arrow.

To issue the order press the control(CTRL) key.

You can move the orders as much as you want to set up correctly, because the plane will not follow the orders until you press the CTRL key.

Once you give your orders, if there is an altitude change, the plane will begin climbing or descending immediately.

If a turn order is issued, planes will only execute turns when the reach a dot on the playfield. It takes all planes 1 mile to change their altitude by 1000 feet.

If you issue a new order, the previous order will be cancelled.


The 3 types of planes are:

  0 Cesna - takes 32 seconds to fly 1 mile

  1 747 - takes 16 seconds to fly 1 mile

  2 Concorde - takes 8 seconds to fly 1 mile

That is the only difference. It will still take 1 mile to change altitude by 1000 feet, but since a Concorde can fly 1 mile in 8 seconds, it will also change altitude by 1000 feet in 8 seconds. Where a Cesna will do the same in 32 seconds.

You can speed things up at any time by holding down the space bar. This will accelerate time by a factor of 4. As soon as you let go of the space bar, time will return to normal.

Pressing ESC at any time will exit the game.

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