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The Puppet Master (

By Morne Alberts, submitted on Dec 3, 2007
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2008 Competition.

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Take control of the puppet and become The Puppet Master.


Mimic the movements of the puppet by pressing the corresponding keys.

2 Difficulty levels:

* 1: 4 movements, max 3 repetitions of a move
* 2: 5 movements, max 2 repetitions of a move, nr. of moves increase faster

One extra attempt at every 10 acts completed.

Highscores and last scores are kept for both difficulty levels.
The Puppet Master generates a sequence of moves, the screen displays which keys you must press, and then you have to repeat the moves. You must enter each move in less than 2 seconds or you lose that act.

Left arm implies arm on the left side of the screen, right arm on right side, the same for legs.
Default controls: (Keys can be changed by pressing [c] at the title screen)
Numpad 7 - left arm
Numpad 9 - right arm
Numpad 1 - left leg
Numpad 3 - right leg
Numpad 8 - head

[p] to pause whenever the game says you are allowed to pause.
[esc] to exit.
Choose difficulty level at title screen by pressing numpad 1 or numpad 2.

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