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Pinball 4K (

By Tom-Robert Bryntesen, submitted on Dec 3, 2007
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2008 Competition.

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Pinball Game with lots of features and bonus plays



left arrow - left flipper
right arrow - right flipper
space - tilt
enter - new game
escape - exit game

Scoring and Bonus Rules

Bumpers and slingshots gives 1000 points. Dropdowns and rollovers 4000 points.

5000 bonus points for completing a dropdown or rollover group.

Completing the A, B or C drop target will ligth a bullseye arrow. The bullseye bonus depends on the number of arrow lit:
0: 25 000
1: 50 000
2: 100 000
3: 200 000

Completing the multiplier rollovers will increase the multiplier. All bonus scores are multiplied by the multiplier.

The inlane rollovers will lite the left lane arrow for 30 seconds. The bumper rollovers will lite the right lane arrow for 30 seconds. The left and right lane awards 25000 bonus point when its arrow is lit.

Hitting the bumper rollovers 3 times will enable the bumper bonus for 30 seconds. Hitting a bumper when the bonus is on awards 5000 bonus points.

Hitting the left lane 3 time will enable the rollover bonus for 30 seconds. Hitting the right lane 3 time will enable the dropdown bonus for 30 seconds. Hitting a rollover or dropdown when the bonus is on awards 10000 bonus points.

Completing the kicker dropdowns will light the coresponding kicker. Triggering a kicker will kick the ball back and award 15000 bonus points.

Extraball is awarded when reaching the following scores:
1 000 000
2 000 000
4 000 000
8 000 000
16 000 000
32 000 000
64 000 000

Extraballs do not stack.


Hit anything that is blinking. Bonuses are shown by an object blinking. So if it is blinking, try to hit it.

Go for the multiplier. Learn how to trap the ball on the left flipper. If you trap it on the right flipper you can tilt the board to move it to the left. Then hit the right lane to move the ball to the multiplier dropdown. Use tilt to complete the rollover on the right.

Use the slingshots to hit the kickers and bumper rollovers. Use tilt to get extra kick from the slingshots.

Use the tilt as much as possible to conroll the ball. But be careful, the board is locked if you tilt two times in under half a second.


* Vector based posteriori collision detection
* Realistic collision repsonse
* Rollover targets
* Drop targets
* Bumbers
* Slingshots
* One way gates
* Tilt
* Multiplier
* Outlane kickers
* 3 flippers
* Bullseye skill shot
* 5 time bonuses
* Extraball

User Comments

Total 2 comments:

#1 By Duff Feb 5, 2008 at 22:15:54
top score 5,518,000 so far. Nicely done!
#2 By Tom-Robert Bryntesen Feb 25, 2008 at 17:12:44
Nice score :) My record is around 24,000,000

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