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Bio 4K

By Rick, submitted on Jan 30, 2009
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2009 Competition.

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Strange bio morph creatures battle it out for survival.


Arrow keys to move.
Space to shoot.
comma and period to swith bio forms.
Esc to exit.

User Comments

Total 2 comments:

#1 By earth.exe Apr 6, 2009 at 19:24:11
Cool game, great concept. Could we have some better controls, though? It would be easier to play if z and x were form changers in stead of , and .
#2 By MrCode Apr 27, 2009 at 10:40:08
It\'s a good game overall, but apparently the firing system is implemented globally, preventing too many \"bullets\" from being fired at once. It\'s really frustrating not being able to fire very often when there are a whole bunch of enemies on the screen firing at you.

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