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By David Chandler, submitted on Dec 8, 2009
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2010 Competition.

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The best way to describe this is a cross between Tetris and the hacking mini-game within Bioshock. I went for a train theme rather than pipes, as I have an abundance of train toys littering the house at the moment.


The objective is to get the train from one side of the rail yard to the other by laying tracks.
Within the railyard is a cursor which shows the next track tile to be placed.
The arrow keys can be used to move the cursor.
The enter key places the current track tile.
The R key rotates the current tile.
Tiles cannot be placed where there is a tile already, except for the bomb tile which will delete the current tile under the cursor.
Once the time runs out, the train will start to approach. Get those tracks laid!

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