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4Kraft (

By András Belicza, submitted on Feb 11, 2010
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2010 Competition.

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StarCraft / WarCraft fans reunite! Wait no more for SC2!

Objectives: Kill all enemy!

The control is very similar to the StarCraft game control.


- SPACE to pause/resume the game at any time

- W S D A to to scroll on the map

- Move mouse to the edge of the screen to scroll

- Left click on the minimap to scroll to anywhere on the map if you (the point you clicked on the minimap will be centered)

- Click on a unit to select it. You can select multiple units if you hold down the left mouse button and you drag your mouse over a rectangle area.

- SHIFT + select units to extend / narrow current selection.

- SHIFT + move to issue ATTACK-MOVE (move until enemy is nearby then attack)!

- Q to select all your units. Number keys to select units of the same type (you can press multiple numbers at the same time).

- RIGHT mouse button to move units to the mouse cursor. You can also RIGHT click on the minimap to set the target point.

- W S to change game level before game starts

- + - to change game speed at any time

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