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By AIMMOTH, submitted on Feb 28, 2010
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2010 Competition.

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You will be playing in a fully randomized, fully destructable and fully naturalistic enviroment. In the heat of the battle the landscape can be rippled with devastating forest fires and exploding cannons and towers!

Noob Tactics
Build cannons (limit of 10) and switch state to fire (red pointer) and start firing at the opponent\\\\\\\'s towers.

Protective Tactics
Quickly build up to 10 cannons and switch state twice to build walls (green pointer). Build walls in the between your cannons and towers and the river in the middle. Then switch state twice to firing state and start firing at the opponent!

Cunning Tactics
Start with the Protective Tactics then try to shoot down the opponents cannons and afterwards attack the opponents towers.

Game Rules
There is a limit of 10 cannons. You shoot with the cannon when you have switch the state to firing state. The cannons are not accurate and will miss with at most one square.
You can only shoot one cannonball for each cannon you possess, so be careful and not shoot all cannonballs at one target since it takes a while before the cannonball hits the target and explodes. When the cannonball have exploded you may shoot with its cannon again.
The damage of a cannonball depends on what it hits as follows:

Forest, will start a fire.
Grass, a crater of dirt will appear.
Cannon and Tower, will explode and a fire will start at all adjecent squares!
Walls will stop the cannonball and be destroyed to dirt.
The forest may catch fire from exploding cannons and towers or by a hit of a cannonball.
A fire may spread to any adjecent forest, cannon or tower square and will extinguish after a while. A cannon or tower that takes fire will explode!
Walls stops enemy cannonballs and are a key element in the game. They cannot take fire so they are very good at protecting cannons and towers against forest fires.
A destroyed wall will become rubble. Rubble cannot take fire and can therefor also protect cannons and towers against fires.


Player 1:

Up - W
Down - S
Left - A
Right - D
Switch State - R
Use - T

Player 2:

Up - Up arrow
Down - Down arrow
Left - Left arrow
Right - Right arrow
Switch State - O
Use - P

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