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Shrincube! (

By Matt Albrecht, submitted on Nov 30, 2010
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2011 Competition.
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A destroy-the-cubes puzzle game.

You must use the power of Shrincube! to remove the Crushing Cubes from your creature's path.



w/a/s/d or i/j/k/l - Move the creature (the pink square) about the level grid.

[space bar] - When on the introduction, this starts the game. If a Shrincube! is on the board, this will trigger it to activate; it will activate when the cube isn't rotating. If no Shrincube! is on the board, then this will place a Shrincube! on the square the creature is on. This means that there may only be one manually placed Shrincube! on the level at a time. Note that multiple Super Shrincube! can be on the board at once

[enter] or v - Activate all Super Shrincube! It only becomes active when the cubes aren't rotating.
r - restart the current level (this will reset the score for the current level, and not affect your total game score).
n - skip the current level.

* The pink square is your creature. The game indicates which square it's on in the level by highlighting that square in blue.
* The creature may move about the level with the direction keys. The creature cannot move past any part of a cube which is touching the base squares. This means that you can squeeze the creature between cubes which are rotating.
* If a cube rotates onto a square where your creature is, your creature will die, and the level restarts.
* You can place one Shrincube! at a time on the base squares (marked by highlighting the square in yellow), and activate them at any time.
* 'Multiplier' cubes are colored red. Multiplier cubes, once Shrincube!ed, leave behind a green residue of Super Shrincube! (along with a convienient arrow pointing to it). This can be activated with the 'Multiplier Activate!' action. Activated Super Shrincube! will use Shrincube! on all the 9 cubes around the Super Shrincube!
* Any cube with Shrincube! under it (active or not) will not be affected by Super Shrincube!
* Shrincube! only takes effect AFTER a rotation completes.
* Shrincube! is guaranteed not to affect your creature.


The game keeps track of your progress through the levels by showing the total score and par in the upper-right hand side of the screen. Your score for the current level is shown in the upper-left hand side of the screen. The current level is just below that, in green. Scoring is marked by the total stroke count over the level par.

* Once you activate Shrincube!, the game will count 1 stroke per rotation.
* Letting the cubes rotate: 0 strokes before Shrincube! is activated, and 1 stroke for each rotate after that.
* Placing Shrincube!: 0 strokes (it's free)
* Activating Shrincube!: 0 strokes, and starts the rotation penalty; the rotation penalty includes this rotation
* Using Shrincube! on black cubes: 3 strokes per black cube
* Letting a non-black cube fall off the level: 2 strokes
* Letting a black cube fall off the level: 0 strokes
* Restarting the level: 0 strokes

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