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By Philip Diffenderfer, submitted on Dec 17, 2010
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2011 Competition.

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Good ol' Rosco, the famous owner of a Gators-R-Us Swamp Safari, has hired you. He's been having a problem with too many gators. He has equiped you with a swamp boat and an unlimited number of spears. Your job is to annihilate all gators in the swamp area by hitting them with your boat or hitting them by throwing a spear. He will start you off at less dense swamp and you will progressively move to increasingly dense swamps. There's a catch though, his swamps are also covered with his buoys. Rosco really likes his buoys. Rosco doesn't want you to sink too many of his buoys, if you sink a buoy by hitting it 4 times then you lose a life. Once you're at 0 lives then its game over! Every time you move to a new swamp, or level, you will be granted permission to accidentally destroy an additional buoy (+1 life). You're also on a strict time schedule, he needs you to get rid of these gators quickly. If you run out of time its game over. You will be given $10 for each gator you kill, but you are penalized a $5 for each spear you use. You are given a bonus at the end of each level, for each full second you have remaining on the clock he will reward you with an additional $1. What level can you get to? How much money can you make before you're overwhelmed?


Pause/Play: p key
Restart: enter key
Throw Spear: left mouse click
Move Boat: move cursor

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