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Keystone Kapers 4K (

By zeroone, submitted on Feb 21, 2011
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2011 Competition.
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The goal of each level is to capture the robber.

"Officer Kelly reporting for duty. Leaping Leprechauns!! If it isn't Harry Hooligan... up to his old shenanigans. That blunderous hoodlum is robbing Southwick's. And on a Sunday at that! C'mon then... lend a hand. We've got to catch the krook, recover the loot and be careful to boot! Listen up! Don't get KO'd by the wild shopping carts, beach balls or biplanes. And get moving! There's not a moment to lose!"

Scoring. Points are earned each time a Krook is apprehended. The sooner you catch him, the more points you'll get. Krooks 1 through 8 are worth 100 times the amount left on the Bonus Timer. Krooks 9 through 16 are worth 200 times the amount left on the Bonus Timer. After your 16th arrest, each Krook will be worth 300 times the amount left on the Bonus Timer. Also, every recovered moneybag and suitcase is worth 50 points.

Bonus Kops. Every time your score increases by 10,000 points, a Kop is added to your reserve squad, up to a maximum of three on-screen at a time.

The game ends when all your Kops are gone. Any of the following will cause you to lose a Kop:
- Colliding with a biplane.
- Running out of time.
- Allowing a Krook to escape off the roof.

DON'T GET STUCK ON THE ROOF!! Because--surprise!--you can't get back down! To avoid this embarrassing predicament, stay behind the Krook and don't go to the roof until he's up there.

As your score rises, the beach balls bounce higher. Forger about trying to jump over them. Instead, DUCK! Also, the biplanes and shopping carts start coming in waves, so learn their rhythms and do the 'Keystone Strut'. To the tune of the shopping carts it's, " two two steps...etc." To the biplane beat it's, " three three steps...etc." Learn to adjust to changing rhythms.

And, to save yourself a few steps, have Kelly JUMP onto the escalators. He'll be halfway up already.

Southwick's Security System. Lucky for you, Southwick's has security cameras scanning the store. The display at the bottom of the screen gives you an overview of all floors, from the bargain basement to the rooftop. Kelly is the black dot, the Krook is the white dot. The elevator is the moving grey square in the middle and the escalators are the black slashes on either end. Using the Security System, you'll know which way Kelly should run to catch an elevator, an escalator or a Krook.

Look Out!!! You just jump to avoid a rapid onslaught of shopping carts, beach balls and cathedral radios. If you collide, a valuable 9 seconds will be deducted from your time. As your score rises, toy biplanes whizz by. Duck to avoid them. With each collision, you'll lose a Kop. However, DON'T avoid moneybags and stolen suitcases. You'll earn 50 points each time Kelly picks one up.


Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to move. Press any other key to jump. Press down to duck. To enter an elevator, stand in front of it and wait for the door to open. Then, press up. To exit an elevator, press down. To ride an escalator, approach the bottom step or jump onto any arbitrary step. Press any of the keys to begin playing.

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