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Theseus vs Minotaur

By luisoft, submitted on Jan 31, 2012
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2012 Competition.

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How to play:

- Space to start
- Guide Theseus (the blue circle) to the exit using arrow keys.
- Avoid the Minotaur (the red circle).
- The Minotaur moves two squares towards you (if possible).
- The Minotaur always prefers left/right moves (when available).

Robert Abbott invented the rules for Theseus, and designed the first maze.
Take a look at his excellent Logic Mazes site ( for
lots more information on this and many other puzzles.


Arrow keys

N - next maze
P - previous maze
R - restart
W - wait your turn
ENTER- To start

User Comments

Total 2 comments:

#1 By Rick Townsend Jan 31, 2012 at 15:32:38
Neat game, a nice combination of maze and puzzle. However it crashes when the timer runs out, and level 3 seems to have no solution (I ran through a movement tree to be sure I didn't miss a possible solution.) Are you sure there isn't supposed to be a "use a turn without moving" option? That would let you win level three by staying below the box for one turn, until the minotaur is trapped. The stack trace for the error is: Exception in thread "Thread-12" java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -1 at Source) at Source) I'm looking forward to trying it more after you fix the bugs!
#2 By Rick Townsend Mar 28, 2012 at 16:09:06
Much better with the \"W\"ait command and with the timer removed. Fun puzzles!

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