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By Russell A Spitzer, submitted on Feb 24, 2012
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2012 Competition.
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Build a city of your dreams!

All the fun of city planning without the hassle of actually dealing with people!

Version 2.0:
Lowered Road Mat Costs
Redesigned Display
Add bar to show how long until the next tax day

Version 3.0:
Added requirement that all tiles be near a road before developement
Added Minimap
Fixed terrible slow down bug for big cities
Corrected Colors


Can't Get people to move into your residential units?
Check: Can they drive to a Business or Industry?
Check: Do they have power?
Check: When you click on the land value overlay (Purple V in the lower left) are the tiles not orange or red?

The Basics

The panel on the left gives you your control options in the following order, left to right, top to bottom

Residential Commerical Industrial
Power Plant Power Lines Streets
Demand Indicators (Res, Comm, Ind)

Cash on Hand
Roads in the city
Cash Flux
Time till next Tax Day

Land Value Overlay
Traffic Overlay

All zoning and construction costs 7$ a square and maintenance on roads costs a whopping 12$ a square.

All tiles that are moved into generate revenue.

How to get people to move in:
All squares require power to have citizen move in.

Industrial and Commercial businesses will move in as long as their demand indicators are positive and they have road access but commercial businesses require a significantly positive land value. You can raise land value by moving in residential districts first.

Citizens will build up residential districts if they can fufill all of the following:
Have power
Can drive to a Job
Have a moderate land value

Since the citizens of city 4K are wild drivers they will go as far as 2 squares to find a road to drive on or a business to drive to.

If a road has flashing cars on it then it is at Max Capacity. Build other roads to allow access to those tiles.

These are pretty much all the rules! Have at it!

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