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By ApoGames, submitted on Dec 2, 2012
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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ApoChange4k is a two button puzzle game.
Your goal is to collect all yellow coins
and avoid the spikes.

The gameplay is adapted from the game "Ichi".


With every left mouse click you
1.) change the red triangles clockwise
2.) switch the green triangles on/off

With every middle mouse click (or press 'alt') you
1.) change the red triangles counterclockwise
2.) switch the green triangles on/off

When you hold the right mouse button down
(or the spacebar) you can draw a line
which you can use as a new wall. After one
hit the drawn wall will be deleted.

The circles are beamers and beam you to the
next position.

The gray boxes will be destroyed after one hit.

Press 'r' - to restart the level
Press 'n' - to start the next level
Press 'p' - to start the previous level

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