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Rogue 4k (

By Matt Albrecht, submitted on Dec 18, 2012
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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You crossed a vast wasteland to reach the fabled Dungeons of McGuffin, where the Mad Mage lived for centuries, collecting monsters and creating items of immense power. Hungry, you descend its ancient stairs with your trusty lantern in hand. The journey was hard, but it was only beginning. Now you must fight off long-unknown creatures to gain treasure and fame, and return home a hero.


Quick Key Review:

Arrow Keys or Num Pad: move or attack; may be held together to move diagonally.
. (period) / 5 - Wait or use an item on yourself.
> - descend a staircase ('>')
w - wear / wield
g - get
d - drop
u - use item

How To Play

You move your character with the direction keys, exploring the vast dungeon. You will find items to aid you in your quest, and sleeping monsters, who hunger for your flesh.


The bottom of the screen shows messages as they happen in the game, as well as statistics about your character. If health reaches 0, the game is over. If food reaches 0, then your character begins starving, and the health starts to drop. Armor and attack are raised by wearing armor and wielding weapons. Health and food can be increased by using certain items.

The central window shows the currently explored map. Your character ('@') can move through the boxy rooms, and through doors ('+') that connect the rooms with passage ways. You can descend staircases ('>'). Monsters (represented by letters) carry gold, and may lurk in the rooms. Each room holds items - gold ('$'), armor ('['), weapons ('/'), multiple-use magics ('*'), and single-use magics ('!'), which have double the power of other items.

You may wear ('w') one piece of armor and wield one weapon at a time. You get ('g') the item on the place where your character stands, and likewise drop ('d') items where your character stands. You can carry at most 26 items.

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