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By Russell A Spitzer, submitted on Feb 11, 2013
Min JRE version:
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.

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Joe4K: An Action-RPG

Joe want's to be the best, but the alien armada doesn't want that to happen. To stop him, they send an endless army against Joe. With each wave of enemies Joe's strength increases but his world becomes more vast and chaotic. How long can he survive?

Joe's Levels:
Level 1 - 0 XP
Basic Fireball (Weak Damage)

Level 2 - 10 XP
+Fireball Shot Rate
+Fireball Range

Level 3 - 30 XP
+Fireball Shot Rate
+Fireball Range

Level 4 - 100 XP
+Fireball Damage
(Warning!) Zorby can shoot at this level!

Level 5 - 250 XP
++Fireball Shot Rate
++Fireball Range
++Fireball Speed

Level 6 - 500 XP
MAX Fireball Shot Rate
MAX Fireball Range
MAX Fireball Speed
+++ Fireball Damage

Level 7 - 1000 XP
MAX Fireball Damage!

The Armada:
Zorby (Level 1 and Above) - Zorby is the basic soldier of the alien armada. Slow but persistent he will never stop his pursuit. The only armada member unable to fly, whose jealousy of Joe's flight ability (Level 4) unlocks his slimeball cannon.

Spira (Level 3 and Above) - Spira uses her razor sharp spines to gouge enemies. Her ability to fly is only hampered by weak acceleration, allowing a fast Joe to outmaneuver her.

RoboBlasto (Level 5 and Above) - The armada's planet-killer. While these come in short supply their destructive power is unmatched. They have a huge amount of hit-points. If their destructo-orbs weren't deflect-able they would be unstoppable.

Squidoo (Level 6 and Above) - The most feared member of the armada. These flying squid monsters have a decent amount of hit-points and are able to turn on a dime. They should be anyone's first target in an invasion.


WASD = Movement
Left Click = Fire your inner energy! (Hold for continuous fire)
Move the mouse to Aim

Q = Teleport to the Cursor(Level 6 : 5 Second Cooldown )

ESC = Restart the Game (Press at any time)

Recommended Musical Accompaniment:
Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op
Mark Mothersbaugh

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