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By dapy, submitted on Feb 14, 2013
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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Micro-manage your midget minions in this isometric real-time strategy gamelet.
Build buildings, gather resources and muster your troops to defend your realm. Perhaps you could become the overlord of tiny_world.


Controls Summary
- Left click 'build' buttons to toggle build mode on/off
- Left click zoom buttons to zoom in/out
- Left click to build
- Left click to select village
- Right click to move troops
- Move mouse to edge of map to scroll
- Press any key to toggle difficulty level
- Difficulty level is shown in the top right corner

Note that you can't select a village or move troops if one of the 'build' buttons is activated

Your home village has a red flag above it, with a red box showing number of defending troops.
Enemy villages have different coloured flags, again with a coloured box showing number of defending troops.
Unoccupied villages have no flag, and no defending troops.

Each village has its own pool of resources, shown across the top of the screen.
From left to right:
- wood = used to build
- ore = used to create soldiers
- food = used to feed population

Three numbers are shown for each resource:
- big white number = total resource
- small green number = rate of resource income
- small red number = rate of resource consumption

On the right-hand side of the screen are a few buttons.
From the top downwards:
- green building = build a woodcutter's hut (gathers wood)
- red building = build a mine (gathers ore)
- blue building = build a farm (gathers food)
- zoom in
- zoom out

How To Build
To build a building, click one of the 'build' buttons, then click on the map.
Note that you can only build on flat, unoccupied land.
Each building costs 10 wood, and comes with a free worker.
The worker will find the nearest appropriate resource, and start working.
When the worker is ready, they will bring resources back to their home village, then go home, then back to work again. It's a tough life in tiny_world.

As soon as your village has enough resources (15 wood + 10 ore), a single troop is automatically created at that village.
Note that you must have at least 15 wood before a troop is created, to leave enough spare wood for building!
One troop costs 5 wood and 10 ore.

To move troops from your currently selected village to another village, right-click on the target village.
Each click sends a single troop.

If you capture another village, a red flag and red box will appear above it.
You can select this village by clicking it with the left mouse button.
The resources for this village will now be shown at the top of the screen.

All the workers and troops in a village consume food.
If there is not enough food for a worker, they will stop working, and resource income will drop.
If there is not enough food for a troop, they will die.
Keep an eye on food income versus consumption, to make sure you have enough food to support each village!

To win the game, you must eliminate all of the computer-controlled villages.
If at any time you control no villages, then the game is over.

- Build close to the appropriate resource to maximise your resource income
- Try not to leave your villages undefended, or the enemy will quickly capture them!
- Finding a balance between gathering resources and mustering troops is the key to victory

User Comments

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#1 By Rick Townsend Mar 16, 2013 at 12:49:30
Yay, I finally won on "Normal"! A lot of instructions to understand the gameplay, but once I got the hang of it this was really fun.
#2 By TJJ Jun 29, 2013 at 07:57:13
Brilliant achievement for 4k. Though the game is gagging for WASD/arrow keys for scrolling.
#3 By goldwow Oct 20, 2013 at 02:22:16
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