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By Kramin42, submitted on Feb 22, 2013
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.

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A puzzle game inspired by Robozzle where you have to get the "ball" in the hole by writing a small graphical program. Try to use as little instructions as possible to beat the par!


The aim is to get the "ball" in the hole while using as little of the program blocks as possible (hence "Code Golf").


The four commands are:
^ : move forward one step
< :="" turn="">
> : turn right
R : return to the last branch point (see below)

You can create a branch by clicking on the top or bottom of a program block and dragging to the top or bottom of another block.
Branches will cause the program to jump to the block it points to instead of advancing normally. Also, the return command will make the program continue from where it last branched (branching and returning works basically the same as calling a function and returning works, call stack included).

Selecting a colour in the palette and colouring a block will cause the command in the block to only get executed if the ball is on that colour (White means any colour).

Colouring a branch will cause it to only branch if the ball is on that colour. If a block has a white branch and a coloured branch pointing to different places it will prefer the coloured one if the ball is on that colour.

selecting the blank command at the bottom will allow you to recolour blocks without changing their command.

You can right-click on blocks to clear their command or on the start point of a branch to remove it.

If there are bars on top of the hole then the gray buttons must be pressed first by making the ball pass over them. Some levels start with the ball on the hole but the buttons unpressed.

When you complete a puzzle it will update the score for that puzzle at the bottom (lower score is better).

Note: It is possible in at least a few of the puzzles to get a score under the par.

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