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Parasite Escape (

By Zarkonnen, submitted on Feb 27, 2013
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This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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You are an alien parasite that must escape from a space base. Jump from host to host to make your way to the exit.


Use A/D or arrow keys to move left/right.

Use W or up arrow to jump. Gravity's pretty low, but if you fall a long way, you will die.

Use mouse to aim and left mouse button to shoot. (If your host is armed.)

Use right mouse button or E to fire a glob. If the glob hits another person, you switch to them as your new host. If the glob doesn't hit anything, nothing happens.

To climb walls, press against them and hold up. So to climb a wall on your left, press A+W/<+^. Keep holding both buttons or you'll lose your grip.

There are four kind of personnel in the base:

- Scientists in white, who are unarmed.
- Soldiers in green, who are armed.
- Officer in black, who notice you more quickly and fire more rapidly.
- Cyborgs in grey, who can't be taken over.

The base personnel will eventually notice something's wrong and become alarmed. They will gain a yellow exclamation mark over their head and start shooting at you.

There are also locked doors, which can only be unlocked by controlling the officer with the red shoulder patch and moving them to the security console.

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