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4King & Country!

By sixtyten, submitted on Feb 27, 2013
Min JRE version: 1.5
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2013 Competition.
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The King has sent you on a voyage of discovery and conquest. You have 100 years to colonise these lands and make your fortune! Can you succeed?

Featuring an "infinite" Perlin noise/fBM-generated terrain, with procedurally randomised resource bonus distributions. This game was inspired by Colonisation, an old favourite of mine, and The Wager, an entry to the Ludum Dare 24 hour game competition.


Explore uncharted waters and build towns that can trade with the motherland and earn you piles of gold. You start with a ship carrying enough settlers and wood for 2 settlements. Choose your settling sites wisely and nurture the towns to maximise your earnings before the time runs out. Look out for resource bonuses (diamonds), which double your productivity for the relevant resource.

Whether you live the rest of your days as a lowly serf or a mighty Lord depends on how much gold and glory you can bring to the King. Do not disappoint him!


Left mouse button:
At Sea: Set direction of ship
Anchored: Settle new town at mouse location
Docked: Load supplies from town - press S at the same time to load settlers, W to load wood, or D to load iron.

Right mouse button:
Docked: Unload supplies from ship to town - S = settlers, W = wood, D = iron.

Space: Drop/raise anchor (automatically activates settling mode or docks at a town, if there is one in range)


Top-Left (top to bottom): Current year (game ends in 1596), Rations remaining on board (red bar), Cargo hold (to carry wood & iron), Settlers on-board (white dots)
Top-Middle: Gold earned
Top-Right: Mini-map showing charted & uncharted territory

Tips/Further Info:

Settling location: When choosing a site for settling, be aware of the resources falling within the town's harvest area, which include food (generated from grass areas, light green areas), wood (dark green) and iron from mountains (black/grey).
Settlement requirements: A settlement must be on grass, outside the range of any other settlement and requires 1 settler and 2 wood to build.
Food (red bar at town): Will help to grow the town quickly, so you can get new settlers. Also the higher the town population, the faster the resource generation rate and the more gold you make. However, the town cannot grow above 2 settlers without wood, or above 3 without iron, so you may need to transport these from other towns to maximise productivity.
Wood (green bar at town): Required for building new towns, so make sure some of your towns are near woods! (dark green areas on the islands)
Iron (blue bar at town): The most valuable resource, generated if mountains are within the town radius.
Resource Bonuses: Diamonds on the map are resource bonuses, the colour indicates which resource they apply to (red: food, green: wood, blue: iron). If a bonus is within the radius of one of your towns, that town's production rate for the resource is doubled (or quadrupled for 2 bonuses, etc.).
Rations & Transporting Settlers: Carrying multiple settlers can help you to expand quickly, but beware you don't end up out at sea with no rations! The more settlers you are carrying on the ship, the faster the rations deplete. If you run out of rations you will sleep with the fishes (the screen will start flashing red once the level of rations is below 25%). Your rations will automatically be replenished if you dock at a town.

Known Bugs/Issues:

Ship can get stuck in crevasses in the terrain. Pressing SPACE (anchor) can help to free you sometimes.
Apologies for the crappy text and aliasing on the graphics, I really don't have space to fit the necessary libraries in :(

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