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In The Dark 4K (

By Gef, submitted on Jan 3, 2014
Min JRE version: 1.6
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2014 Competition.
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After being captured by the ghosts of last year, our sorcerer has been locked in a jail in the basements of the witch’s castle. After several months, he decides to escape. He can still shoot fireballs. And, because of the darkness, he uses a spell which produces a light above him, but it runs out over time. To revive it, he needs to kill creatures. So pay attention to his intensity...

To go upstairs through the 5 levels, he has to collect the coins scattered all over each one.

Good luck !


The UI
- green bar is for life level
- white bar is for light intensity
- on the right, the number of coins to collect in the current level

Game Controls
- Move : Arrow keys
- Jump : SPACE
- Fire : W
- Pause : P
- Start/continue : ENTER

The player can move freely, but when you start shooting, the shooting direction locks until you release the fire key.

User Comments

Total 3 comments:

#1 By kles4enko Feb 20, 2014 at 10:48:34
Awesome! How do you create this?! Can recommend any book? :)
#2 By Gef Mar 1, 2014 at 04:20:43
Thanks ! I don\'t know books about voxels, but Google helped me a lot. Come on, there are lot of discussions on cube world and used techniques.
#3 By Wircea May 29, 2014 at 10:01:42
Wow, very impressing. I mean, a fully functional lighting system? cool graphics? Under 4 kb? Hats off.

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