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Hero Band Revolution 4k (

By Matt Albrecht, submitted on Jan 14, 2014
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This game was submitted in the Java4K 2014 Competition.
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A guitar-hero style music and rhythm game. Play your 2 string fretted bass in time with the music!

WARNING: Be sure to check your computer volume before launching! It might be loud!


Because different computers have different buffering techniques in Java, you will first need to adjust the timing of the scrolling to match your computer. Press "+" and "-" to adjust when the notes hit the gold line. You want them to match so that you can use the music to time your beats. Note that if you turn off your speakers, you won't need to do this.

At the menu, select the difficulty (A = Easy, B = Hard), then the song you want to play (1 - 5). Songs 1-4 will be the same each time, but 5 will be different each time.

During the song, you simulate holding down the string's note by pressing the left or right arrow key (left for the left string, right for the right string), then time your "strumming" (space bar) with the colored bead as it flows onto the yellow bar. The string will light up when you hit the right note at the right time (green is "normal", and gold is "perfect"). Build up your combos to gain score multipliers!
The fret board lights up purple when you gain a multiplier, and red when you lose them.

You can hold down the arrow key before and after the strumming - all the game cares about is whether the correct string is held when the strum happens, and if the strum happens at the right time. It's a bit like a guitar: holding the string down won't make a note until you strum it (well... let's just ignore hammer-ons and all that other fluff).

Press "Esc" at any time to go back to the menu. This is particularly useful if you get sick of one song.

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