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Raid On Java 4K

By Felix, submitted on Jan 22, 2014
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This game was submitted in the Java4K 2014 Competition.
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After the evil empire has attacked your home (the java islands) and builds
evil factories, it is time for revenge.

You come home on an aircraft carrier equipped with a helicopter. Your job is
to destroy the factories (grey squares) on the java islands. To accomplish
your mission, you must bomb each factory with eight bombs (press B-key). But
beware, the higher your progress the harder is the defense. In other words,
there are more enemy jets with more hitpoints and the defense towers can
shoot a longer distance.

The warzone consists of 8 islands. Four Islands are on the right side from
your carrier and four on the left. Every island has two factories. If you
destroy a factory, you’ll reach the next level. Enemy jets respawn
immediately. In total the game has 16 levels.

Your helicopter can only carry 9 bombs. Thus, you have to reload after an
attack. To reload, you’ll have to land on the aircraft carrier (press space).
Whilst landed, your helicopter will be reloaded and repaired. So don’t start
too early. Luckily your helicopter is secured as long as it stays on the

The carrier moves from south to north to avoid enemy fire. So you have to
search the carrier in the warzone.

Please note that the warzone has no border. If you fly long enough in one
direction, you will return to your starting point.


Enter to start
Space = Land on/start from aircraft carrier.

For landing, the helicopter needs a direct contact with the carrier.

Cursorkeys = Controlling the helicopter
F = fires the machine gun
B = drops a Bomb

For bombing a factory, you have to stay above a factory and press B.
You’ll see a great explosion; you have a direct hit on the target. Otherwise
there is only a small explosion. In this case, you’ll need to aim better.

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