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Network Wars 4K Ed. (

By OMS (One Man Software), submitted on Feb 23, 2014
Min JRE version:
This game was submitted in the Java4K 2014 Competition.

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You are a hacker in a competition to take over an 8x8 block memory cache. Your challenge, another hacker. You are allowed to search one memory block at a time and set up memory watches in an attempt to find him. Just make sure you boot him before he boots you.

P.S. this game was originally intended to have multiplayer however applets are hard to get to allow that so for the 4k only singleplayer is allowed.


Land on top of your opponent before he lands on top of you.

Direction: any word or character with u,d,l,r moves you up, down, left, right respectively.

Is False: allows you to falsify your movements.

Reveal My Position: lets opponent know your position.

Place Watch: places a memory watch at your current location that shows you your opponents position if he lands on it.

Send: sends your message to move or false move

Watches: tells you how many memory watches you can place get a new one ever 5 turns.

True, False: your choice whether the message the opponent sent (shown to the left) is true or not to update your view.

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